Our Mission

The Sejong Society is a non-partisan, and all-volunteer tax-exempt organization dedicated to informing, developing, and connecting young professionals interested and engaged in U.S.-Korea affairs. Our ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation, regardless of political and career affiliations, of Korea and Northeast Asia specialists.

Our History

The Sejong Society is named after King Sejong the Great, who reigned during Korea's Joseon era (1392-1910) and orchestrated the development of the Korean alphabet, hangul, in 1446. Dr. Kongdan Oh Hassig also calls King Sejong "the creator of the first think tank in human history.”

The Sejong Society was founded by Stafford Ward on May 18, 2006, exactly 556 years after King Sejong’s death on May 18, 1450, in commemoration of his political and academic achievements. 

Our Strategy

The Sejong Society executes a three-pronged strategy in cultivating the next generation of Korea and Northeast Asia specialists, by: