The Sejong Society of Washington, D.C., is actively seeking qualified and motivated individuals to serve on our Programming, Communications, Operations, and Research Committees.

  • The Programming Committee assists with all aspects of The Sejong Society's public events, in both creative and logistical aspects. Securing and preparing venues, ordering catering, identifying and reaching out to potential speakers, etc., are all part of this Committee's portfolio. Long-term planning abilities and exceptional time-management skills are essential.
  • The Communications Committee assists with managing The Sejong Society's communications and social media, including its website, e-mail distribution, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and printed materials. Either proficiency in these platforms or the willingness to learn is necessary, as are an acute sense of timeliness and excellent English writing and editing skills.
  • The Operations Committee assists with supporting and facilitating The Sejong Society's internal processes, especially transcribing minutes at board meetings, maintaining and organizing internal documents, etc. Members must be highly organized, detail-oriented, and security-minded.
  • The Research Committee assists with The Sejong Society's publication efforts. Members are expected to keep abreast of Korea-related news, commentary, and analysis, as well as academic- and professional-development opportunities in the field of Korea affairs. Members should also have a strong desire to compose original analytical pieces on behalf of The Sejong Society.

We invite all interested candidates to complete the application hereunder. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and chosen candidates will be invited to meet the Board of Directors.


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